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Opportunity Funders at Taste of Microfinance

Opportunity Funders are funding opportunity

The American Dream is out of reach for a growing number of families in America. Talent and toil should be enough to ensure success, but today, too many people are stuck on the wrong side of the opportunity gap. Economic inequality is widening: 1 in 3 families must struggle to get by instead of working to get ahead. 

But you can help. Opportunity Funders is a group of individuals who provide critical support to Opportunity Fund on a monthly basis. Your ongoing support will help Opportunity Fund to reduce costs and plan for the year ahead, budgeting and allocating resources to help the organization create opportunities — in the form of small loans— with transformative effects. By supporting Opportunity Fund’s microfinance products, Opportunity Funders help their neighbors move forward on a path to economic and social mobility. No gift is too small — join today!

Your monthly gift directly supports individuals so they can:

- Invest in a business that can close the gap between a dream and an opportunity
- Avoid predatory lenders, some who charge annual interest rates of 200%
- Create jobs that provide a living wage 


  • Special recognition and exclusive event invitations.
  • Hassle-free, automatic monthly donations
  • Annual statements for seamless tax preparation
  • Flexibility to change or suspend your donation at any time
  • Support environment incentives and decrease the number of printed materials
  • Meet other Opportunity Funders and work together to build a more inclusive financial system

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Make a donation of $15 a month or more to gain entry in this exclusive donor circle. 

Help entrepreneurs help themselves, create jobs, and strengthen our economy.

helps an entrepreneur bulid their credit

provides an entrepreneur with one-on-one business advising

helps create a job at an 'Opportunity Funded' business

helps deploy $27,000 in microloans in our community



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To learn more, please contact Monica Healy at mhealy@opportunityfund.org or 408-510-5056.